Top 5 reasons for car break down that you ignore

We all hate it when our car breaks down but knowing the most common symptoms should help you prevent a future break down. So here’s our top 5 reasons for car break down.

Flat or dead car battery causes car break down

It’s more common than you think but battery failure is one of the biggest causes of break downs. Batteries most often run flat when we leave the car lights on or forget that the radio is left on. Other times just simple old age can mean the battery suffers to hold it’s charge, or that corrosion has affected the battery terminals. Usually these issues affect you before you start the car but sometimes even when you’re driving the alternator can fail and not charge the battery causing you to lose power to the car! Don’t forget, sometimes the manufacturing process can go awry and bad cells occur.

Overheating engine forces you to break down

Watching the temperature gauge rise in your car can be a worrying matter since an overheating engine can cause plenty of damage to the internal structure of the engine – if it hasn’t already happened. Sometimes the cause can be a leak in the cooling system of the car, meaning coolant isn’t circulating around the engine. Other times the cooling fan or water pump can be the culprit making the engine overheat. Even a clogged radiator can cause this issue too, so whenever you witness the signs of engine overheating make sure you stop immediately before more damage is done.

Tyre failure is another big cause of a break down

Whether you experience a flat tyre or a complete tyre blow-out your tyres are another vulnerable part of the car which causes break downs.  Some people may simply forget to check the tyre pressure and drive on a low pressure causing an accident. Other times tyre tread wear – if severe – can cause a blow out forcing you of the road. Most of us however will likely experience tyre failure through a nail or screw in the tyre causing a puncture but usually this can be repaired without full tyre replacement if not too damaged. Other times just hitting a kerb at speed or running over pot holes can cause a break down.

Electrical faults are becoming a common break down cause

More and more these days our cars rely on electrical components to monitor and help drive the car. However this means there are naturally more instances of electrical failure when it comes to break downs. The complexities of the electrical system in the car can make it difficult to self diagnose, hence why garages are now equipped with computers to hook up to our cars and pinpoint the exact issue. You may also find the diagnostics team has to spend time discovering the fault if the car’s computer doesn’t show any problems.

Transmission failure leads to break downs

Another common break down symptom can be contributed to the transmission including the clutch. If not serviced regularly to keep the transmission lubricated and working smoothly, the parts in the transmission system may stress and wear down, leading to early failure of the components inside the transmission. Therefore it’s recommended you keep to your service schedule no matter the age of the car to prevent a costly bill.

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