Do NOT ignore these 10 most DANGEROUS things on your car

The modern-day cars have become much more reliable than what they used to be a decade back. With proper care and attention, a modern day car can easily last a lifetime. What are the most dangerous things you should never ignore on your car? Let’s find out.

Engine oil level

Engine oil is the line-line of an engine. It keeps the engine lubricated, cooler and cleaner. Not replacing the engine oil on time can prove to be catastrophic for the engine. Old engine oils lose their properties over time and do not work as well as they should. This causes serious damage to the engine which is often irreversible.

The engine oil should be replaced as per schedule even if the car has not been used. Checking the engine oil level is also important. If the level of engine oil becomes too low, the engine will overheat and can seize.

Timing belt

The timing belt is another essential part of the engine that is very important. Timing belt or timing chain ensures that the synchronisation between crankshaft and camshaft rotation is maintained. The timing belt should be replaced as per the schedule. Over time, the timing belt becomes lose or the teeth of the belt smoothens out. Depending on the type of engine, failure of timing belt can cause the engine to seize.

Tyres are important too

Tyres are the most ignored part of the vehicle but remember that tyres are very important and should not be ignored at all. Always maintain recommended pressure in the tyres. Also, keep an eye on the depth of the tread. Older tyres with good tread pattern should be replaced too as the rubber becomes harder over time and loses the grip.

Maintaining proper pressure in the tyre is important for the longevity of the suspension too. Lower or higher tyre pressure can make the suspension work more and can cause them to wear out a lot quicker.

Coolant level

All modern car engines operate at a very high pressure. To keep the temperature under control, engines use a liquid-cooling system. The liquid-cooling needs a medium that transfers the heat from the engine through a heat exchanger called radiator. It is very important to make sure that the coolant level is optimum else due to inefficient heat exchange, the engine can get fried. Many cars do not have coolant level warning on the console and it is important to peek under the hood to check the level every fortnight.


A car without suspension will be highly unstable and of course, uncomfortable even on the smooth roads. Suspension failures are rare but they can fail over time, especially the ball joints. Always be on a lookout for common suspension failure symptom like clunking noise from the front suspension. If the car faces excessive vibration or steering pulling in one way even after wheel alignment and balancing, get your suspension checked. A broken suspension can leave you stranded.

Steering system

Most modern day cars come with electronic power steering and hydraulic power steering. The failure of steering system can cause disastrous accidents. Hydraulic power steering systems will give you symptoms like whining noise while turning, slow response while turning, squealing noises when the car starts. Electric power steerings can show symptoms like heavier steering. Always be extra attentive while spotting with the steering system symptoms and get it rectified professionally immediately.


The clutch plates are the important link between the transmission and the engine. Worn out clutch plates can cause inefficiency, lower power output and overheat. Always be on a lookout for a loose clutch pedal, clutch slip (when the engine rpm rises but speed does not), and low fuel efficiency. Worn out, slipping clutches can overheat and cause fires too. Always get the clutch checked by professional at regular intervals for a long life of the engine and the transmission.

Braking lines

Braking lines can become hard over time and can leak brake fluid. It is very important to keep the brain lines in proper condition. Losing the brake line pressure can cause the brakes to fail that can lead to big accidents. Always get the brake lines checked and get them replaced regularly to avoid any such mishaps.

Exhaust smoke

Modern car engines are made to emit almost zero visible smoke. When the smoke starts to come out of the engine, you should be very attentive to it. There are different smoke colours that come out of the petrol and diesel engine vehicles. The one you should be worried about is the bluish smoke in petrol cars and black smoke in diesel cars.

The bluish smoke from petrol cars means that the engine oil is entering the combustion chamber due to worn out piston rings. This is the first sign of engine nearing a complete seizure and should not be ignored. In diesel vehicle, black some may mean many things like a failed EGR, clogged fuel injector, cracked intercooler hose pipe, or engine running rich. Always get the vehicle to the service centre as soon as you notice blue or black smoke coming out of the vehicle.

Engine oil leak

Engines are made to be air-tight. All the joints on the engine and cases get engine sealants that can fail over time. Always do a visual inspection of the engine chamber for signs of leaking oil. If you see oil in the engine chamber, make sure that you get the vehicle to the service centre to get it checked. A low engine oil level can cause the engine to die and also increases the wear and tear.

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