What you need to know about the 64 New Lagos State Traffic Law & Penalties

The New Lagos State Traffic Laws and Penalties Lagos Traffic Law regime is designed to protect law abiding road users. It is also designed to ensure that those who flout any of its stipulations are made to face the consequences of their action so that they can be reformed and join the law abiding group.

The Governor of Lagos state, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-olu through the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority(LASTMA) has rolled out the 64 offenses in the state and the penalties.

The offenses carry various fines and imprisonment and training at Lagos State Driver’s Institute, as applicable, and there are about 20 offenses that qualify for the seizure of the cars, trucks, motorcycles of traffic offenders.

So, if you drive or ride in Lagos; whether your own personal car or tricycle or motorcycle, be it Uber or not, or you drive for someone or a company, you must educate yourself with these new laws. Share with anyone you know who drives or rides in Lagos.

Below are the traffic laws, don’t disobey because the penalties and heavy and also because you cannot buy car parts in Jail (for offences that have jail term penalty). To get the PDF for FREE, CLICK HERE

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